by GeorginaManvell and Suzannah Holwell

This collection includes 4 gargoyle knitting patterns by Georgina Manvell and Suzannah Holwell would make a super present

GOSWALD GARGOYLE measures 18cm high when completed in DK yarn. Goswald thinks his toes are his best feature and he would love to be your own special gargoyle

PERCY PENDRAGON measures 19cm when completed in DK yarn. He is getting on in years & now suffers a little from vertigo.

SIMON THE BALEFUL measures 14cm when completed . He is just right to sit on your computer or hang in your car

SEBASTIAN OF SELBY is 11cm when completed. He is very easy to knit in a small quantity of yarn.
Ideal to hang from your handbag or schoolbag.

Of course these will all bring you good luck when knitted up because that’s what gargoyles do!

These lovely patterns were designed by joint designers Georgina Manvell & Suzannah Holwell. Their format is in very easy to read print. The patterns are presented in a folder with an acetate cover/back and coloured comb binder

Copyright notice

All our designs have already been published & copyrighted. These patterns are therefore for personal use only. You must not sell or reproduce toys made from our designs for any business purposes. It is illegal to reproduce these patterns in any format including altering, copying, digital downloads, selling cds or photocoying. By purchasing these patterns you are agreeing to these terms. Georgina Manvell & Suzannah Holwell hereby assert & give notice under section 77 of the Copyright Designs & Patents Act of 1988 to be identified as the authors of these patterns