ALAN DART Pierrot Doll,Cushion,Tea Cosy


ALAN DART Pierrot Doll,Cushion and Tea Cosy knitting pattern

This is the ORIGINAL pattern from a vintage Family Circle magazine.

I have been an avid collector of original Alan Dart patterns for over twenty years and I have only come across one of this pattern. I would like to pass it on now to another collector.

The three pages have been carefully removed from the magazine, hot laminated and presented in a black matching comb binder.

A one off and extremely rare.Perhaps I might find another one later but somehow I doubt it!

Features Pierrot Doll,58 cm when completed in DK yarn on 3.75 cm needles.

Tea Cosy to fit teapot up to 55 cm circumference. Using 3.75cm and 6.5 cm needles and DK yarn

Cushion 40 cm diameter using DK yarn and 6.5 cm needles




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