NATIVITY toy crochet pattern Mon Tricot MJ27 and MJ28


NATIVITY Toy Crochet pattern Mon Tricot MJ27 and MJ28 1975

This two part ORIGINAL pattern featured in Mon Tricot magazine in 1975.The 14 pages have been carefully removed from the magazines and hot laminated and presented in a black comb binder.This will last for years.Almost 50 years old now and very rare to find especially featuring both parts of the full pattern.

Lots of characters Baby Jesus,Virgin Mary,Saint Joseph,The Bull,The Donkey,Old Woman,The Miller,Christmas Star,The Three Kings, Melchior,Balthazar,Gaspard ( or Casper),The Spinner,Angels,White Angel,Blue and Pink Angel,Sheep,Sheperd,Dog,Fisherman and Flower Seller

The pattern uses 2.5 mm,3mm,and .5mm crochet hooks.A small foam ball 2 inches in diameter is used for each head.

The figures are all made using the same technique;a cardboard cone topped with a foam ball for the head and then covered with crochet with embroidered features.The cow is made from foam plastic covered with crochet. The donkey dog and sheep are  worked in crochet  and stuffed with cotton wool

Each character is approx 10cm tall when completed in DK yarn


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